Prayer Alert: Word Of The Lord Over Iran And Iraq

Cindy Jacobs shares a word of the Lord regarding Iran and Iraq. She refers to a prophetic word she received in July 2019; she also includes prayer points for the region, encouragement for Iranian Christians, and more.

Cindy Jacobs shares a prayer alert and the Word Of The Lord Over Iran And Iraq


Another thing the Lord has told me is, “If Iran isn’t careful, there will be a regime change. Retaliation that would come from the U.S. would cause them to come out of power.”

This is a season for the Holy Spirit to escalate and change. I do not believe this is a season for the U.S. military to pull out of Iraq. I think this would be a big mistake for the stabilization of the Middle East, and for Iraq itself.

I want to speak to the Iranian Christians. God is good to you. He wants to help you in these difficult times. He is hearing your prayers. He loves you. I know that many of you are scattered around the world. I pray for you. I pray for your beautiful country. I think the Iranian people, the Persian people, are some of the most amazing people on Earth.

We do remember that Daniel was out of Iran. Esther was out of Iran. I know that there are prayers Daniel prayed for future generations that are still left in the land. There is a reason in history that there are so many biblical sites in Iran and so much spoken about it.

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Source: Prayer Alert: Word Of The Lord Over Iran And Iraq | The Elijah List

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