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3 Comments on "Powerful Testimony! Karen Wheaton"

  1. debra schafrath

    Karen, my son attended the Ramp several times and loved you and the ministry. But after two bible colleges he has walked away and is living a gay lifestyle. He hasn’t been in touch with me for 7 months. There can be nothing more painful. But, i teary and believe God’s word will never return void! My son Christer Michael Schafrath will wake up!!!!!! Please add him to your prayers. You have always been such a blessing!!!!

  2. Jayne Adrianson

    Thank you Lance and Karen. I know from experience that Hod speaks His truth and we choose to believe and hold onto it. I went through a marriage failure and but for God intervening we would not still be together today We have 39 years together He is still changing and working in our lives. Thank you Jesus!!! We have prodigal children all grown and still the enemy is trying hard to kill, steal and destroy… BUT GOD!!! He is still trust worthy to work these impossible circumstances around and for good!!! Thank you for this message because last night I received the news that my oldest prodigal miscarried her baby She is not married now and that’s a story in itself BUT GOD He is working I am convinced He who began a good work will complete it! Then I received a call from my son in law that he called the police because my daughter who was drunk when he arrived home late from his job and with their 2 little girls in bed she became violent and she was taken to jail. Our family has been thru a great deal over many years of the enemies attacks. I learned from my mother that God is bigger than any situation and she was a prayer warrior for this family When she passed away all hell came against this family I had to get up and learn how to pray and press thru He has been faithful to us always even when I didn’t understand He was faithful, trustworthy, unconditionally loving and merciful. I have been hearing a lot Just Believe like I did standing for our mart My husband returned and still I am believing for him also to completely turn his life to the Lord admit my own failures and complacency I’m not praying and standing strong There’s more with other health issues for my son and daughter in law and their son and their marriage is being attacked My youngest daughter is getting married in September and she lived thru so much dysfunctional home life while our marriage and home was attacked Now she doesn’t trust or acknowledge God. Our son in China now teaching there turned his life to God this past year. He is growing and loving his new life in Christ I pray for all our children and Karen’s word in Isaiah 49:25 was so incredibly reassuring to me today. Well I’ve rambled enough and bottom line is I trust God with the mess in our/my life. I am going to be more committed to daily prayer and fasting to see His promises fulfilled A word I received many years ago Blessed is she who believed Luke 1:45 Thank you again Lance and Karen!! God bless and strengthen your faith, your walk and ministries!!!

  3. Blanca S Bolton

    Thank you for sharing, Lance! We just went to the throne room of God’s! The word I have been receiving is “Be humbly bold! Be boldly humble! Stand on what I have taught you! Ask for what you want! Be bold! I am your father and I am God! Nothing is impossible for Me!”

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