Personal Message on Passover

Personal Message on Passover

Hi,  everybody.  I wanted to say, “Hi,” to ya. Annabel had surprised me and said, “Hey, we’ve got a couple of days getaway down here in Texas.”

We took off from Galveston and went out into the Gulf of Mexico for a couple of days. And that’s great because while we’re here I really had a chance to kind of like get away.

And I think it’s important every now and then that you create the space so that you can step out of the activity you’re doing and reflect. And be with your family and be with the people that are part of your life together.

And while we were here, I was thinking about you and I thought, “You know what? This is the first night of Passover just happened this week?  

And so I wanted to share something with you.  As I was reading in the Bible about the significance of Passover at this time. And some things that maybe you didn’t know about the three days in which Jesus was in the heart of the earth. During this week, especially during Passover and what corresponds to Easter for the church. We have some really powerful moments that we can take a look at in the life of Christ and how that affects you and me.

One of my favorite verses is in Ephesians. Where Ephesians 4 talks about that he who ascended first descended. You might remember when Jesus said, “Father into my hands I commit my spirit.” And so at that moment. You would think that he went up but he actually went down. But what he did during those days that he was in the tomb and under the earth, we seldom hear about.

What we do know is that when he descended he must have made some sort of a proclamation to the spirit realm that was there. And the Bible says that on the third day when he came up according to Matthew, there were a great many graves opened up and many of the Saints walked around. Because Jesus was actually the first fruits which means there was a company of others that were resurrected with him.

And so when he was raised from the dead there were saints, a first fruits harvest, that came out of the graves and were seen walking among people. Now when Mary interrupted Jesus at the tomb he said something interesting. He said, “Do not cling to me for I am not yet ascended to the father.”

He had just come by from his proclamation below the earth. Had released all of the captives of the Old Testament who were in the place called Paradise. And was taking them with him along with the physically resurrected specimen of firstfruits resurrected saints. There is a whole lot you never hear taught about what happened in the resurrection. And so he has not yet ascended. He ascends, then, to the father.

Now when he appears before the father something interesting happens.  Of course, the Old Testament saints go with him. And they are brought into the third heaven. But Jesus at that point presents something to the Father which is the blood. And this is also another thing that isn’t spoken of often.  In Hebrews as the Bible says that the blood of Jesus is actually there. And the blood is speaking on our behalf at the throne of grace.

So that means that there was a presentation of blood at the throne of grace. Which Jesus made on behalf of the ransom than the redeemed. And then he proceeded to come back. And in the resurrection body, he could appear or disappear at will.  And he appeared there where the disciples were and when they were hiding for fear of the Jews. And he began his 40 days of interaction with the disciples. After which he makes his final physical ascent into heaven.

And while the disciples are looking up the angel said something interesting.  They said,  “Why are you looking up and gazing? The same Jesus who you saw. going up is going to come in like manner.”

I stood last year on the very Mount of Olives which is the place of the Ascension. And that’s the place where the. Return of Jesus is going to happen. And in the days of Passover which is the celebration of the Lamb of God, it’s whose death and resurrection secure is our salvation.

I think we should remember that this was not only a salvation for us individually. But if you go to the Old Testament and read it, it speaks in Exodus about the salvation not only being for you but in Chapter 12 it says is for your house.

The deliverance of the house is something that I believe God is accelerating this year. He’s doing it for your house. He’s doing it for my house.

I believe this is also the year of God’s grace on the beginning of sheep nations. The United States has had a remarkable deliverance. Nothing short of a miracle. And God is beginning to re-establish the church I believe. And you’re part of this has a vibrant voice.  And we’re going to have to have the courage to come out of our hiding places and begin to engage how the kingdom of God interacts with culture because this is the hour when nations are going to be coming to the light of his rising and to his resurrection. Those days in which Jesus was not in the tomb in which he had descended and which he ascended have created for you and me the ability to never have to taste what he tasted. We don’t ever have to go into the place of darkness. Because he did it for us.

Every position we have from now on in the Bible says that we are seated with him. We are ascended. And so I encourage you to be looking down upon your life from Heaven’s perspective. And be asking yourself who is it that God made you to be in your heavenly identity. And what is it that God’s called you can do in your earthly time period.

Because this is a time when resurrection life is being released into your house and into my house and into our nations. And this is the time when God is rebuking the destroyer. And restoring things that had been taken in previous seasons. 

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