Pentecost, China, And The Shaking of Nations


What’s happening in the timeline between Easter, which is the resurrection and Pentecost? I was speaking with a Hebrew leader and he told me that this was the first time in 2000 years of recorded history since the birth of the church that Passover wasn’t celebrated. It was observed – think about it, we were all in our houses praying the plague would pass over us. This time it wasn’t a special meeting or a celebration, it was observed! So if Passover was experienced instead of celebrated, is it likely that Pentecost is going to be experienced as well?

China has emerged from all of this as a key player in this mischief and the powers of China, which were predicted to rise and be the dominant global economic force five years ago, was set back by God’s intervention. So what is God doing? Look to Haggai, he is the prophet of the shaking. I also want to talk to you more about the prophecy my friend Kim Clement made about both Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un.


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