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Mario Murillo Ministries: Mario Murillo brings a prophetic perspective in today’s announcement of President Trump’s decision to rescind the Iran Deal made by the previous administration, as well as his involvement in bringing both North and South Korea together. This provides a lesson in spiritual warfare, if one has eyes to see.

Excerpt from Mario Murillo Ministries:

The lesson we learn from Trump’s dismantling of Iran’s blackmail is in a simple phrase: Peace through victory.

Look at his critics. They falsely accuse him of making the world more dangerous.  The truth is, Obama—with his foreign policy of weakness and capitulation—made the word dangerous.

Obama continually gave things away, got nothing in return, and increased contempt for America.

By refusing to accept nothing less than victory, Trump brought North Korea and South Korea together.   Trump offered nothing to North Korea to get this peace.

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Source: PEACE THROUGH VICTORY | Mario Murillo Ministries

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