Patricia King: “Women with Great Influence Are Arising!” | The Elijah List

The Elijah List: WOW! After just returning from an amazing conference, this word was timely and a confirmation. Ladies, if you struggle with knowing if God wants to use you, or question if you have influence (or, husbands you may have wives who deal with this) then be encouraged when you read this word!


Excerpt from The Elijah List:

“I have called My women to arise,” says the Lord! “It is a day when many anointed and consecrated women will increase in influence—in the market place, business, government, Church, media, arts and entertainment, education, and home and family. Yes, on every mountain of influence My women of influence will arise.

Many who have been prepared in the secret place with Me, those who have consecrated themselves to Me and to My purposes will arise, leaning on their Beloved, and will see new realms of grace, wisdom, power, and wealth released in them and through them. Those who have been in obscurity will arise into visibility for the glory of My name. They will stand in righteousness and boldly declare the truth in love.

Women will arise in nations where women have been oppressed. They will rise up strong in Me and will confound the wise of this world. They will wield My Sword of Truth in grace and mercy, bringing alignment in the nations.

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Source: Patricia King: “Women with Great Influence Are Arising!” | The Elijah List

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