Patricia King: “Get Your ‘Cyber-Nets’ Ready for Harvest – Now!” | The Elijah List

The Elijah List: The Lord has given Patricia King a rather interesting word in regards to the internet and the harvest of souls. Why not? We use the internet to pray together, amongst many other ways it is utilized. It is a tool that if we are willing, can be utilized in amazing, creative ways to reach many for the kingdom of God.


Excerpt from The Elijah List:

The Lord is waiting for His Church to arise with groaning and travailing intercession for souls.

A new wave of intercession for the harvest is being released. Grace is being released by the Spirit of God to motivate and empower Believers to intercede for the birthing of souls. Intercessors will cry out day and night for souls. Many churches will call for seasons of focused prayer. Prayer convocations will be hosted for the purpose of crying out for souls and releasing “the sickle.” The Church will decree prophetically that this is the hour to put in the sickle because the harvest of the earth is ripe.

The Lord who hears the cries of intercession and the prophetic decrees of His people will respond. The HOUR HAS COME TO REAP. It is important to discern the times so that we can move forward in the rhythm of God. We are in a kairos season (God appointed time) for cyber-harvesting.

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Source: Patricia King: “Get Your ‘Cyber-Nets’ Ready for Harvest – Now!” | The Elijah List

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