Pastor Che and I Uncover the Truth About Coronavirus and the Socialist Regime

On this week’s Firewall, I’m joined by a special guest, Pastor Che Ahn, who has been a friend for many years. He has a phenomenal global ministry and is at the forefront of the churches’ battle in the United States.

Che has churches in seventy nations, and little did he know that in 2020 he’d end up suing the Governor of California! For the first time ever, an elected official, Governor Newsom, was telling a church how to worship. Not allowed to sing, not allowed to chant, not even allowed to hold bible studies. So a direct violation of their first amendment rights.

Meanwhile, Governor Newsom made a statement at the start of June, saying, “For those of you out there protesting, I want you to know you matter, To those who want to express themselves… God bless you. Keep doing it. Your rage is real.” He was saying to the rioters burning, looting, and destroying cities while he kept churches closed!

These rioters do have a religion, though – socialism isn’t just an economic philosophy. It’s become an ideology, a religion with Marxism at the root. Every place socialism has taken root has been destroyed; whatever the left touches, it ruins. Just look at the NBA and their plummeting ratings because of their association with Black Lives Matter. Now, of course, Black Lives Matter as far as the individual’s dignity, but the organization is Marxist and in cahoots with China!

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