Pack Your Bags & Get Ready to Birth!

Nate Johnston was awakened in the night recently and heard the Lord speak to him about several things. One of the things the Lord spoke to him was “Don’t delay; it’s time to release the movement NOW!” Nate also shares how he felt such urgency, as though we are in a Kairos moment in time.




There are many tactics the enemy uses to delay what God wants to birth through us, but as I was in conversation with the Lord, I kept sensing that the pursuing love and approval of the Father was combating the fear and disapproval many feel in this stage of their spiritual pregnancy. His love right now is breaking the religious shackles of those who have not launched out due to fear of failure, fear of what people will think, and fear of not having people’s approval and green light.

So many of you are carrying powerful movements but are waiting for someone to call your number and approve you before you jump out. You are waiting for someone to roll out the red carpet, open the door, and give you a platform. I did this for years, and all it did was create frustration in me and resentment that no one was seeing what I carried. All the while, God was simply asking me to trust HIS approval and begin to step out daily.

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