Out of Obscurity and Into Purpose

After hearing the phrase, “out of obscurity and into purpose,” they were given a vision where they saw the Lord as the head banker at a large bank on Main Street. The Lord gave the understanding including how “covenantal collectives” and the renewing of  “prophetic trumpets” are also part of this word.


I then began to see these simple churches maturing into regional prophetic communities. They started popping up as golden lanterns all across the United States and beyond. These relational prophetic communities are being formed for unity, accountability, releasing the testimony of Jesus, and the cultivating of the spirit of prophecy.

I further discerned much of the leadership within these collectives to be relationally-hungry Millennials who are intentional about honoring and involving prophetic mothers and fathers in the faith. Their seasoned wisdom and guidance is highly valued and they are playing a big role in helping to steward the hearts and destinies of younger prophets.

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Source: Out of Obscurity and Into Purpose | The Elijah List

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