Our Religious Freedoms Are In Grave Peril

Religious Freedoms under attack

Four Hundred years ago this month, a group of Christians from England, came ashore in “the New World” after a difficult 66 day journey on the Mayflower. They had come to America for one reason, “for the glory of God and the advancement of the Christian faith.”

Their journey was all about religious freedom, and 150 years after their journey, the founders of America enshrined religious freedom in the constitution. When it was first written, there were some who hesitated on ratifying it. Only once they had assurances that religious freedoms would be guaranteed, the founders amended the Constitution with the Bill of Rights, the documents first ten amendments.

If we flash forward to today, almost 400 years after those first Pilgrims arrived in the United States, the very thing they sought is under attack.  This year with the spread of Covid-19 there has been an unprecedented assault on religious freedoms. Here are just a few recent examples.

  • In California, a judge recently ruled that strip clubs should be allowed to re-open, despite covid-19 restrictions, as the first amendment os not undone by a virus. churches however should still be closed or severely limited, say Californian officials, due to the pandemic.
  • A number of liberal governors have insisted that abortion clinics are “essential services”, while deeming churches as non-essential and refusing to allow them to open.
  • In the Calvary Chapel v. Sisolak case, the Supreme Court ruled that it was fine for the state of Nevada to limit how many people could attend church services, but casinos could operate much more freely.

Kelly Shackleford of First Liberty, who fight for religious freedoms had this to say to D. James Kennedy Ministries:

“All people have to do is look at the ‘experts’ saying, ‘Well, you can’t sing at church, but oh yeah, the [BLM and Antifa] protests, we’re OK with that because that’s important.”

So we’re now in the situation where Chistophobic bigots are using a pandemic to stomp on religious freedom in a country that grew from religious freedom.The pilgrims gave everything to be able to practice their religion freely, it would be a terrible shame to see the gift they gave us be overturned by secular fundamentalists.

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