Others Are Breaking Through – What About You?

Two Things Are Killing YOUR DREAMS (But It’s Not What You Think)

I know what it feels like to wonder – “When Lord? When will it be my turn?

Your destiny is TOO IMPORTANT to mess up! Your life, is a calling to touch MANY. You were created to make a difference!

People are attached to your destiny. What people? Your family for one. The people closest to you have seen your dedication. Your children, friends and family should see your life and say, “that’s the way I want to live!” And then there are the multitudes of people attached to your destiny.

Listen, I’m seeing supernatural doors opening all over. It’s a new season and I don’t want any of my friends missing out. So many people tell me they are in “transition.” Let’s get clear. Transition should not take forever and here’s how you know if you’re stuck. There’s a difference between “cycles” and “circles.” If you’re going up a mountain you “cycle” like a corkscrew upward. It seems like a circle but the distance to YOUR GOALS at the top is getting shorter and the view is loftier and better each time. You can see and feel PROGRESS.

If you are going in circles you’re going around the mountain NOT up it – there’s no progress. The scenery never changes!  To be your blunt – if the situation isn’t changing you are doing something wrong.

There are 3 things you need to SHIFT to master transition: Timing, Technique and Terrain…


  • The TIME is NOW
  • The TECHNIQUE is in the models I will show you and experience you will have.
  • The TERRAIN is the new territory that’s about to open. You’ve seen it in your dreams.


You know that saying, “what you don’t know won’t hurt you?” Well the Bible says that what you don’t know can KILL you! “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6) Notice who this applies to: “MY PEOPLE,” not worldly people but good old Christian people who perish.

Now this verse doesn’t deal with salvation, it deals with unnecessary loss. The word “perish” is the Hebrew word “Damah” which means: to cease, cause to end, cut off, destroy or ruin.

Every NEW SEASON comes with a NEW DOOR of OPPORTUNITY an UPGRADE in IDENTITY and sharpening of your UNIQUE METHODOLOGY… and it all starts with a CLEAR UPDATED prophetic vision for your next 10 years. Are you ready to update yours?

Join me for this year’s 2018 Dream Trip in Washington DC at the Trump International Hotel! Take 3 days with me to explore what God is doing now DURING OUR DAY… Behold it is a NEW THING!

Receive an impartation of the prophetic anointing falling in 2018 to secure your land and spiritual inheritance! Take 3 days to:

  • Hold of Heavens DREAM for your life, your family and your legacy.
  • Discover the person YOU HAVE NEVER BEEN BEFORE.
  • Boldly name and shatter your constraints, annihilating the forces aligned against you.
  • Build the harvest business of your dreams
  • Learn how to attract the right team into your dream.
  • Start doing business with your dream client and your dream customer!
  • … and so much more!

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