Open the Heavens Over California!

This word involves three different prophets: Doug Addison, Lou Engle, and Keith Ferrante who all reside in California. God called the three of them together, prophetically and have initiated a 40 day prayer and fast over the state of California, a state that has profound influence in several spheres and affects the rest of our nation, and our world. What stood out to me is how God coordinated this all together as it shows His Heart towards California, and our country.

Here’s an excerpt from Doug Addison:

My life dramatically changed on February 6, 2018 when Lou Engle called me and shared a dream from one of his intercessors. It was about three prophets from Northern, Central and Southern California coming together with one voice to call for a 40-day fast to open the Heavens over California and release a new revival that will reach the entire globe.

The three prophets in the dream were Lou Engle (from Southern California), Doug Addison (from Central California) and Keith Ferrante (from Northern California). The three of us connected and the Lord moved quickly upon us so we are now calling for a 40-day fast.

As a testimony and confirmation of this, the very next day I received a dramatic healing of an affliction to my immune system!

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