On ‘Pay for Slay’ The UN And Abbas Are Misleading The World

Mahmoud Abbas addressed the recent UN General Assembly where he made a declaration in Arabic but the UN’s interpretation, however, was misleading. The UN quoted Abbas as saying, “I pay tribute to all freedom loving countries and peoples and our martyrs.” What he actually said according to a translator for the Palestinian Media Watch group was, “I pay tribute to our pure Martyrs and our heroic prisoners.”



But truth be told, the security coordination serves Abbas no less than it serves Israel. As part of Abbas’s internal rift with Hamas, the PA uses the security coordination to pass information to Israel about Hamas terrorist activities. Israel then arrests the terrorists, thereby avoiding potential terrorist attacks, but also eliminating Abbas’s competition.

Abbas’s threat, which he publicly links to the Israeli implementation of the new law, may well become a reality, but for completely different motives. In October, the US passed additional legislation that provides its courts with jurisdiction to adjudicate claims of US victims of terror against any recipient of US aid.

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Source: On ‘Pay for Slay’ The UN And Abbas Are Misleading The World | The Times Of Israel

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