Ohio State University Protestors Chant “Reagan’s Dead” At Ben Shapiro Talk

At Ohio State University Tuesday night, Ben Shapiro, the Daily Wire Editor-in-chief was set to give a speech as part of his lecture tour, sponsored by the Young American Foundation.

In a story that is becoming far too common these days, leftist student protestors turned up outside the event with an unusual amount of variety in their chants. Those chants included “Reagan’s Dead”, “John McCain’s dead”, “F**k Ben Shapiro” and saving the best for last “Bush Senior’s dead“.

That last one was short lived as protestors with any knowledge of current events and US politics soon realised that George H.W. Bush is still alive and well.

This was all in response to an email sent out by the Ohio State’s Morrill Scholars Program’s student advisory council and verified by YAF:

Shapiro’s rhetoric has the potential to threaten the emotional and mental safety of much of the campus community. If you do not feel comfortable around a climate that will be created by Ben Shapiro’s presence, we encourage you to seek a safe environment for yourself. Knowing the hostile environment that can result from these kinds of events, we encourage you to seek an inclusive environment and reach out to talk with someone. If you do not have a safe space or prefer not to be alone, please feel free to join other Morrill Scholars and our staff on the MSP learning community on the third floor of Blackburn House tonight from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thank you and stay safe.

Ben Shapiro, of course, wasted no time in hitting back: (Caution, profanity can be heard in the linked video)


Why is it that is only seems to be ‘liberal progressives’ that want to shut down ideas and speech? Most conservatives would agree that free speech is something worth protecting. However, the only speech that liberals want to hear is speech and ideas that conform to everything that they think.

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