Occupy the Revelation God Has Given You!

This word from Faith Marie Baczko covers a word the Lord gave her when we receive a revelation – how to hold onto what we receive. She also addresses “new wineskins” and how this applies, as well as why an orphan spirit can hinder this, and how to deal with it.


The Lord showed me that the mind of the Body of Christ is the wineskin that must now become new to contain His new wine. We sometimes associate the new wineskin with a new Church structure or new model, however new models and structures having the capacity to contain God’s new dynamic, comes first with the renewing of the mind. This is a supernatural reformation infusing us with the ability to receive and process the new wine. Transformation can then take place as a natural progression of the outpouring of new wine—an outpouring carrying the vision and DNA for the new season, containing fresh revelations of the majesty of the exalted Christ.

The mind must be renewed and refashioned to withstand the challenges of the new season we have entered in order to rightly comprehend and process the purposes of God in it. The mind must be rewired to receive and accept a fresh spiritual dynamic intended to take us into a new dimension of God’s glory.

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Source: Occupy the Revelation God Has Given You! | The Elijah List

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