Not For Wimps

Mario Murillo shares an exhortation to that is not for the faint of heart, or, wimpy. He reiterates how Christians need to do what it takes to see President Trump reelected, and also addresses those who are still undecided whether to vote for him or not.



We do not worship Trump. He is not supposed to usher in revival. We are. He is not the one who is supposed to pray without ceasing. We are.  He is not the moral leader of America…that is the responsibility of the church!

Now let me address those of you who believe Trump is a miracle, but are not willing to work for his reelection because you think this miracle doesn’t need your help.

You who claim Trump is a miracle, like King Cyrus, need to take another look at King Cyrus. Cyrus only helped Israel in a limited capacity, and for a short time. It was up to the people of God to seize the miracle. In fact it was the Jews who wanted to remain in Babylon that nearly destroyed the miracle.

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