Nicholas Sandmann Set To Sue Media Who Smeared Him

The family of Nicholas Sandmann, the Covington student who was confronted by Native American activist, Nathan Philips, have hired Attorney L. Lin Wood who is well known for his aggressive libel and slander lawsuits against media organizations.

We are still awaiting a further statement from Mr. Wood; however, he tweeted yesterday that an announcement would be made on Friday:

L. Lin Wood first came to prominence when he represented Richard Jewel, the security guard who saved many lives at the 1996 Summer Olympics when he discovered a backpack full of pipe bombs and then helped evacuate the area. The press, working with incomplete information, named him as a suspect. Jewel was cleared or all involvement in the bombing and was represented by Attorney Wood in several defamation lawsuits against the offending organizations.

We’ll update this story as we get more information.

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