News Update: President Trump’s Fiery Press Briefing


The Scottish Reformer spirit is burning on Donald Trump in this fiery Press gathering.

Watch Pres. TRUMP in BATTLE as he:

– Speculates if Mosques will face the same resistance that Churches have faced as Islam celebrates Ramadan.

– Says Christianity is attacked in U.S.

– Says Pelosi is looking at the ocean and choking off 250 billion aid to small businesses, while playing politics.

– Says China and Iran are lying about deaths from the virus.


America is facing Great Depression Numbers, where 22 million people are now unemployed. Some say 30% of businesses will not come back in another week of shutdown! But we know from the book of Haggai that the promise from God is a gradual recovery and Awakening!


I want to show you where we are on the Prophetic Timeline and what to do between now and Pentecost – May 31st.

Send President your support as he opens up America: Reopen America

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