New York Artist, Winston Tseng, Labels Christians ‘Trash’ In Fake NYC Sanitation Department Posters

Winston Tseng, A New York City Street artist, has caused outrage by putting up posters claiming to be from the NYC sanitation department, which mocks both Christians and Trump supporters. Initially, when people first saw the signs, the Sanitation Department was inundated with requests to confirm if their department was responsible.

In a statement on Twitter, the DSNY stated “these were not created or issued by the Department of sanitation, and we do not condone unlawful defacement of city litter baskets. We are investigating this act of vandalism”.

The first poster depicts a woman wearing a MAGA hat, with pearl earrings and matching necklace, clutching a Bible. The text above the lady says “keep NYC trash free”. The second poster shows a rather slovenly dressed man in a MAGA hat, with a Confederate tattoo, clutching a Chick-fil-A cup. Again the caption above the man says “keep NYC trash free”.

The artist responsible, Winston Tseng, told the online publication when they asked about calling people ‘trash’ that “I wouldn’t say it’s meant to represent all Caucasians but certainly they are meant to portray a certain demographic. In this case a segment of white people that I personally believe the posters accurately reflect. The statistics are there that a lot of Trump supporters who wear the MAGA hats come from red states, from the south, and are Christian evangelicals. Those are the concepts that I included on these posters. I didn’t make that up. I’m just reflecting something that is a quantifiable fact.”

He also went on to say “the source of the issue is the segment of America who supports him and authorizes him to make the decisions that he makes I’m not sure if he believes strongly in them or if he is just pandering and just wants to win a popularity contest amongst certain demographics.”

So if you’re in the market for a new piece of art and are either a supporter of the president or a Christian, Winston Tseng may not be the artist for you

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9 Comments on "New York Artist, Winston Tseng, Labels Christians ‘Trash’ In Fake NYC Sanitation Department Posters"

  1. Giselle

    I find it interesting that Sabo the conservative street artist points his acerbic art towards those in power or perceived power (celebrities) while the leftist artist points theirs at the common man, fellow Americans…this elitist attitude is why Trump won.

  2. Melanie Petrowski

    Trump won because God heard the cry of His people, and he was the best man for the job. They were sick of being jobless, and homeless. Do you not realise 9/11 and the GFC happened under the Demoncratic (puppets for the elite) government.

  3. Jenet Chosen

    How would you like it Mr. Tseng, if some so called artist posted the same title with an Asian and chopsticks. …. Your statement and post is unethical ….

  4. karen gail walters

    The heart of the matter is Mr. Tseng’s rebellion against God, which he saw fit to vomit all over New York in the form of these ignorant posters. ‘God will not be mocked. For whatsoever a man sows – he shall also reap.’ Mr. Tseng has allowed himself to be brainwashed by the left. But that is no excuse to God, who we all end up answering to for our actions. I am actually praying for this artist, for New York – and for our nation.

  5. Concerned Citizen

    Wowzers. 9/11 happened under the Democratic government, which is why there is a picture of Bush with the NYC firefighters.

    • Comment

      I’m pretty sure they meant the prelude to the problem. 9/11 was a result of failed foreign policy and US arming Bin Laden under democrat power. In 93 after the bombing, nothing was done to reciprocate for the WTC terrorism, and festered until Bush took power, which by then was too late. It’s not a failure of a certain party, individual, or leader – it was an ignorance over several decades of the evil threats that we simply weren’t prepared for.

  6. Someone

    Has leftist Winston Tseng, the racist “artist” been prosecuted yet for vandalizing public property with his racist garbage he passes off as “art”? Follow up about this?

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