New Lands! I Am Bringing You into a Wide-Open Place

Alane Haynes shares of a dream she had where she saw obstacles, twists, and turns. She also shares how a storm that took place in the San Diego area many years ago and how the landscape had changed as a result. The Lord spoke to her about this as well as how He is bringing about new paradigms and a new order, and why these are essential.



Recently, I dreamt of being on a journey that was filled with obstacles, twists and turns. There was flooding and I got stuck in mud. There was snow and I had no boots. I heard the Lord say, “I am bringing you into a wide-open place, but the way is narrow. It has required a training through hard places so that you would lean in hard to hear My voice and follow closely. This was necessary training, for the wide-open place can only be traversed accurately by My Spirit.

“A fresh wind of My Spirit is now being poured out, clearing away the clouds of confusion that have blocked your vision. For now you will see that I am moving in your midst.”

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Source: New Lands! I Am Bringing You into a Wide-Open Place | The Elijah List

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