Need to get this in front of as MANY Senators and Legislators as possible TODAY!

Hi Lance, Ken, and Cindy- please see below. I can connect you to Paul if you would like.

I received the below this morning from my friend, Dr. Paul Coyer. Let me know if you have any ideas on how best to get this info to the people he lists, and be praying:

Have evidence of AI used to steal both Presidential and last night’s Georgia Senate election. We need help and prayers ASAP, it is urgent we get this message out quickly to POTUS, VP Pence, Josh Hawley and key Congressional leaders this morning. We stayed up until late last night into the morning at the Willard Hotel comparing notes between what data aggregator and mathematician
Joe Oltmann (the tech millionaire who heard Eric Coomer, Dominion CEO, say he had fixed the election) had discovered in showing the systemic fraud blueprint and what Matt DePerno, Attorney for the Antrim County Michigan plaintiff in the Dominion Voter System case, was able to confirm and prove with his audit evidence. We can now demonstrate the architecture of this systemic national fraud.

This will motivate Senators and House members to take the Presidential election fraud more seriously – its not just the Presidency, but their seats at risk if they don’t address this issue.

Need to get this in front of as many sympathetic Senators and House Members as possible this morning. Any help you can be in this regard would be appreciated.

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  1. Robert horner

    We enjoy you being a real person free to be who He created you to be. Keep speaking the truth and His revelation to you sir. God bless you and your family

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