My Trailblazing Daughters Are Arising!!

From Lana Vawser is a compelling and powerfully encouraging word to trailblazing women, pioneers! As Lana was worshipping, the Lord spoke to her with this word. A few things He showed her specific to these pioneering woman includes: a deep birthing of new ministries, new pathways, new movements, and new assignments. Be encouraged as you read this!


The Lord spoke again:

“My daughters rising up as trailblazers as they say YES to Me are possessed with greater vision than they have ever carried. SUDDENLY I am interrupting their lives now with new vision, with creative ideas, with creative strategies that is awakening them to their identity and influence in every area of jurisdiction I have given them. Fire is going to fall on these new strategies, creative ideas and visions I am releasing to My daughters that will see them pave pathways that have not been paved before. Things never done before. My divine innovators are being birthed right now and I am branding them as UNSTOPPABLE as they yield to Me and yield to My Word. There will be major transformation as My daughters follow My wisdom and implement My new visions. There will be many times of stepping out of the boat, taking risks led by My Spirit, but it will be a time of great increase, influence and the fire of My love and presence falling heavily.”

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Source: My Trailblazing Daughters Are Arising!! | Lana Vawser

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