Mueller’s team leaks info to CNN

While Clinton and DNC fumble around over revelations of their role in the fake dossier used to launch the Russia investigation Mueller’s team shifts focus, leaks info to CNN and seeks its first Trumpian victim. Nobody knows but my guess is they are going to avoid Manafort because he leads to Podesta and Uranium. Look for General Mike Flynn to be targeted. A retired Army lieutenant general, Flynn served as a Trump surrogate during the campaign and briefly served as national security adviser before being fired over his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, who was Russia’s ambassador to the United States. Mueller has reportedly probed whether Flynn was involved in a private effort to get former Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails from Russian hackers. If they keep perusing this course and ignore the DNC scandals and intelligence complicity in Uranium deal and advancing fake dossier this will explode in a new level of conservative engagement behind Bannon and a backlash against the complacent GOP establishment who are SILENT!

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