Mount Carmel

I spoke at Mount Carmel today…I kept remembering my friend Kim Clement who was the first Prophet I met that carried the spirit of Elijah.

As I stood at the Mount I recalled that he had been there before and had the distinct impression that an upgraded EAR TO HEAR is now being released. Thats an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the people of God.

At the time Joel described God pouring out His Spirit on all flesh the chapter also says that “Nations are in the valley of decision.” What is the plumb line issue for nations?

2018 marks Israel’s 70th year of existence. That’s the number for a generation in the Bible. It is also the number for nations. The nations are all making decisions about the Jewish people. In fact the Nations are already voting on its right to exist. That was triggered when Cyrus Trump made the 70 yr decree to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Cyrus of old made the decree to let the Jews return to Jerusalem – after 70 years in Babylon.

Hey, South Korea just had their 70th year birthday as a democracy. This my friend is the hour when Elijah is visiting the remnant and Nations are entering the valley of decision as to if they are Sheep or Goats.

Goats will hate Israel and then turn against Christianity. Mount Carmel is the place where Elijah broke the power of the spirit that seduced Gods people into “halting between two opinions.” If God is real – worship the one true God.
Elijah said, “Let’s see whose God answers by ? fire!”

I’m not sure how that scenario works today, but I do know that this Elijah spirit is not going to go with the flow.

Is that what you’re hearing?

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