Move, Speak and Act – On Behalf of the Unborn!

Christy Johnston shares a poignant and powerful word in regards to abortion and acting on behalf of the unborn. She also shares how there is a movement of truth and adoption, and of fathers emerging.


I also hear the Father saying that the next four years will be a significant time where we will see fathers emerging. True fathers who carry the heart of the Father will emerge and arise. Where we have had a generation of “orphans,” spiritually speaking, fathers will emerge onto the scene, anointed with the Father heart of God to raise up a generation of lost sons and daughters. We will see this both in the Church and outside of the Church; we will see men who have not bowed to the current political waves of emasculation, but rather, they will be secure in their masculinity, they will walk in the ways of the Father and know how to speak life and truth into those who are lost and hurting. Fathers who will come alongside broken daughters and speak destiny and hope into their situations, fathers who raise up boys as men, they will raise up a new generation and see a lost and stolen generation restored.

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Source: Move, Speak and Act – On Behalf of the Unborn! | The Elijah List

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