Midnight Hour Report – The Ford / Kavanaugh Hearing

What happened today…Senator Grassley was a bit too accommodating with Dr. Ford. “Would you like a foot massage? Perhaps a cappuccino?” And the Republicans? Not one questioned the obvious gaps and contradictions. “You don’t know who drove you home and nobody asked where you went but you’re sure you know it was this guy… 35 yrs ago?”

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  1. Lance, the Holy Spirit spoke to me in church Sunday. That we have the Roaring Lion of Judah inside us going wherever we go equipping us to be bold, unfearful and strong enough to accomplish what God leads us to do. We are to be confident in His ability and go forward in His power.
    I just saw the Lana’s title, I am going to watch that next! Thank you! For allowing the Roaring Lion of Judah to keep you saying a doing what is needed!

  2. Jennifer London

    There is also a demonic feminist spirit that has made zealots of some women. Remember the ‘pussy ‘ hats and now those two who bombarded Flake in the elevator? Almost like the ‘Witches of Eastwick’…..
    Heavenly Father let thy good and perfect will be done.

    • There’s a spirit of lawlessness that is wanting to pervade everywhere, especially where there are protests. It’s come out now that one of ones who attacked Senator Flake is a paid protestor, with a connection to Soros.

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