Midnight Hour Passover Service With Lance Wallnau Plus Chuck Pierce’s Prophecy

Benjamin Netanyahu did something in Israel that’s not been done in 3500 years – talk about a significant sign! He put forth an ordinance that not one Jew was to be outside of their house from sundown to sundown and was to be observed as the Passover. We’ve also got the coronavirus situation still ongoing and remember that corona is the word for crown.

It seems to me, in a sense, that those who are crowned in loving kindness are enduring the crown of affliction right now and we need to ask ourselves what is the Lord saying? There’s a cacophony of voices out there with different interpretations and the perspective I’m sharing is not necessarily popular, but here’s what I think.

We’re in a battle with principalities among nations and if America does not repent, and the church does not do what it is called to do, then the Lord is letting us know that the next world power that’s on the scene is China. Chuck Pierce prophesied plague-like conditions back in September – that it was going to hit the Earth from February to April and that believers would really have to understand the Passover. From the evening of the 8th to the 16th, is the key transition time.

We do communion together, look at the mystery of the Blood at Passover – and take a closer look at Chucks prophecy about the virus and next 40 days! Then let’s press into throne room worship, raw, real and unrehearsed… and pray.

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2 Comments on "Midnight Hour Passover Service With Lance Wallnau Plus Chuck Pierce’s Prophecy"

  1. Lori Henry

    Thank you Lance. I was looking for a teaching on the Passover and celebration of it. Perfect. Awesome teaching. The best! Never heard all this before. Thank you. I’m a day late watching it but my heart is there. God bless you and your family brother and God bless Predient Trump and his family and workers, supporters and God bless America and I have to say Canada too cause I’m Canadian eh. 🇨🇦

  2. Jean T SCHMIDT

    Lance, thank God we have you to forgive us warning and prophesy. You are a God sent. God bless you, our President and his cabinet. I only pray that he gets elected again. If not I will truly miss him and America will be in desperate trouble. God BLESS AMERICA.

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