MEDIA MADNESS! | Dr. Lance Wallnau

The spiritual war over the United States that threatens the Republic.

What happened?! Last week it seemed like everything was “fine”, the economy is doing great, the meeting with Kim Jong Un was a success and then KABOOM! All of a sudden we’ve got children crying, pictures showing them separated from their mother’s at the border, Whitehouse interns and democrats demonstrating, hurling curses at President Trump until they’re BLUE IN THE FACE, ALL while calling for immigration change!

How did they do that? Where is the outrage coming from all of a sudden? The media! The media has gone MAD I tell you, and they’re frothing WITH RAGE!



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  1. Joseph Weidler

    Amen, to Lance’s word. It is obvious that Trump is bringing out the true colors in the Left and also the Right. That is good because God wants to reveal what is in the hearts of both. It is time for the true Christian to get involved in the political issues of our nation. This is where the fulfillment of Paul’s statement…”all those who live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution”, comes to the Christians in America. Our nation is the fulfillment of the dream of oppressed peoples down through the centuries, and is the first country of significance to give political power to Christians. We are not taking advantage of this by standing for the truth in patriotism for our nation. Let’s do it with our whole heart and see what God can do!!!

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