Mario Murillo shares his thoughts regarding Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s rebuttal to President Trump’s speech over border security. He makes several excellent points. Schumer and Pelosi presented Federal workers as victims; however, there was no mention regarding families who suffered the loss of a loved one murdered by an illegal alien.


The worst part of tonight is that it confirmed that most horrifying thing about America. Their smug, dismissive, intelligence insulting tone, confirmed that our nation is run by an elite class who deem themselves above any accountability or the rule of law.  An elite class that themselves, live behind walls and are guarded by men with the guns, the same guns they want to take away from us. This elite class is served by everything from the media, to late night sock puppet hosts, and Hollywood.

What you saw tonight should enrage you. They stood there and told you that they don’t accept Trump’s facts. They make up of the facts. They issued the only reality we are allowed to believe. They told you that you are too stupid and unworthy to draw any other conclusion than the official one that we give you.  Look closely at their expression it says, “when we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.”

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Source: MANUFACTURED CRISIS | Mario Murillo

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