LIVE at 100X speaking to 300 Kingdom Business Entrepreneurs!

Today I’m speaking at the 100x Acceleration conference and I tell them about my first conference talk I gave, called doing business supernaturally. In it, I was talking about the 7 mountains and I realized the 7 mountain message took off way more than doing business supernaturally!

From looking at what all of those attendees at the 100x conference said they were looking for – clarity, to scale up, insight on what to do next — All of those questions are driven by the fact that the Christian entrepreneur still feels like a nomad that is traveling through the desert in search of the promised land.

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  1. Abraham

    Hello Lance
    One can only be in this pace due to God’s grace of revelation that creates certain kind of alignment – a passion for supernatural work of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am always blessed with this Truth when I listen to your messages.
    Thank you

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