Watch Out For Life-Changing Appointments And Encounters

From Anne Ballard is a word regarding life-changing divine appointments to bring people together for Kingdom purposes. Ballard shares regarding catalytic moments to watch for, and for connections with those not necessarily within your normal community you associate with. She also addresses how we go through seasons of pruning and its necessity, and to be both prayerful and intentional about making room for key people in your life.

Anne Ballard's prophetic word regarding catalytic relationships, divine appointments and life-changing encounters


I see situations arising where family members will meet people that knew their loved ones who had great impact on them. These meetings will be heart-rending, significant, and weighty. Dreams will be realized through these situations. People will find these encounters as catalytic points for moving forward, and they will be bolstered by the favor, thoughtfulness, and kindness of God.

These meetings will feel like missing links or bridges that connect the dots. After these meetings, there will be even more revelation that ties things together. God is highlighting timeliness and being obedient to His stirrings in your heart. This month, pay attention to the opportunities you have to connect with people outside of your normal community. God is accelerating connections in order to bring people together for a united purpose and to call out the destiny on people’s lives.

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