Let’s Stop The Agenda Of Evil

Mario Murillo shares a thought he had while at the capital in Washington D.C. recently. It includes how the church should have a mighty influence on America, why it hasn’t, and more.


The leftists believe they are the only ones who care about poverty, racism and injustice.  Secular progressives will say they love the poor.  If so, then they have loved Detroit to death.  After 61 years, and after receiving nearly a trillion dollars in Federal aid, Detroit has been reduced to a pile of rubble by liberal policies. The city is a horror show of abandoned factories, illiteracy, prostitution, gangs, and homeless camps.  The same damage can be seen in any urban area where these programs dominate. It is an agenda of evil.

Michael Snyder said, “In 1960, the city of Detroit was the greatest manufacturing city that the world had ever seen.  Nearly two million people lived there, and it had the highest per capita income in the United States.  That may be hard to believe, because today it actually has one of the lowest per capita incomes of all of our major cities.  Over the decades more than a million people have left the city, and thousands of abandoned homes have been torn down.

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Source: Let’s Stop The Agenda Of Evil | Mario Murillo

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