Let’s Pray! Special Report… Traveling to Slovakia, Budapest Hungary

Hello my friends! I’m going to be flying into Budapest, Hungary this time tomorrow and then into Slovakia for a week. I’m going to be working with member’s of Parliament and with church leaders. The Lord started moving on me about a year ago to move on from the 7 mountains message to the Sheep Nations. I just got done praying on Periscope where I’m looking for volume for intercession but I’m coming to you with the behind the scenes here because Annabelle and I will be flying over there. This is new territory. I’d love to preach, pray, prophesy and flow like a river. However. I believe there are others who do and do it better. What I need to do and I need you to help me with this is, I need you to be praying that I have sensitivity to the Word of The Lord for when I am speaking there.

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