How the Left Seized Influence Over America

After a quick review of how the left took the summits of the 7 mountains and took legal authority over the gates of influence, let’s look at what the Church has been doing wrong. Instead of building a wall and avoiding the mountains, “go ye!”

I’m saying, “Train the people to go into all the systems and all the gates.” The false teachers are going to be in places like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton where future leaders are. False prophets are going to be in Hollywood where they’re seen all around the world, influencing our next generations.

These are the places Christians need to be. We need to be the leaders at these gates of influence, at the top of each mountain. We are to be the head, not the tail. We are the Ekklesia—to represent and benefit the community with sound decisions.

What is the sphere, jurisdiction, or assignment God has given you, the script He gave you before you were born?

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