Left Influenced Media: What Happens When Media Controls Perception

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There are three levels of belief. Experiences in a nation form beliefs depending on who has control of the lenses.

You could be going through a period of time like we are now and experiencing a blessing in government and stability that would not have been there had there not been a Cyrus in office right now. But whoever controls that lens creates the belief system that forms the decisions that people make, and out of that decision come the results.

What concerns me about this is that we have about a year and ½ with which to capture the courage to be able to advance the agenda that the president has been put in to accomplish. A Texas conservative representative, Louie Gohmert, said, “It is as if there is a parallel to the story about the children of Israel and God bringing them out of Egypt. And every time they made advances they turned on Moses. The leadership backlash theory. And they would say, “You brought us out here to die.”

This is typical of Republicans right now. Sometimes that’s how it feels in Congress. You win an election and win seats in Congress and in the Court but the perception is controlled by the media which is negative, the president’s approval ratings are low.

Half the country is aware that the media has become the arm of the Political Left. You could say that the Democratic Party is the media. Because the ideologies that people have in the last days are no longer just opinions it’s almost like religious fervor. And almost like a religious belief system that when people get locked in on it they can’t get rid of it.

There are 3 levels of belief – from opinions to core convictions. Opinions will get shaken in the last days. The fact that believers that have core convictions still exist is what is holding back the chaos…

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