Latest News on “High Profile Arrests” and “Martial Law”

Latest News on “High Profile Arrests” and “Martial Law”. Is it true or…?

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  1. Hi, Lance ~ When I log on to, I’m taken to a site called Lance Wallnau learning Experience and offered a weekly email. Is that all it is? No live broadcasts? I don’t have Facebook anymore. I love the 7m Underground, so am thankful for the news I can get there. Thank you….Linda M.

    • Hey Linda, the website is being worked on and is a bit slow at times. We’ve also had a lot of traffic there with people signing up. We have not updated this as a place to get news just yet. Lance will be sending out an email very soon to those who’ve signed up.


  2. Jeffery Gilchriest

    I am done with you Lance. You criticize President Trump for standing up against corrupt GA politicians and four years for unrelenting persecution against him. By making the weak argument that it was freezing cold at the GA rally and therefore it was unfair of President Trump for standing against injustice. You dishonor President George Washington and the first Continental Army who fought in the bitter winter for the very freedoms President Trump has been fighting for. You are giving up on the prophetic words and Holy Spirit that most of your brethren have declared. Are they false prophets?

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