The Power Struggle between Nations and for the Gates of Influence

7M for those of you that are new, refers to the seven mountains, the mind molders, the mission fields that shape the minds of the masses.

And we were the early people to talk about how Big Media and Big Arts and Entertainment and Big Government and Big Business and Big Academia had been infiltrated by an ideology that you would call progressive liberalism but it’s shockingly the more the go to the academia group it’s quasi-Marxism. It’s Bernie Sanders socialism.

It’s a framework on reality that completely obscures the relevance of God and real faith and religion within culture and it creates a really crazy artificial world if you look at it. In media, a recent study that was done on the amount of attention given to subject matter it was like 598 incidents of news being reported over the last- over Trump’s administration so far from ABC, CBS, and NBC. Eighty-nine percent of the commentary was negative questioning or destructive.

Which tells you that in terms of the spiritual warfare what I’ve said all along is that Satan is far smarter in choosing the real estate that he wants to buy. He almost like plays Monopoly knowing the Boardwalk and Park Place is what you want to get early on in the game. And Pennsylvania Avenue for sure.

In other words the devil knows that if you can get Saturday Night Live, if you can get the late night comedy, if you can get the news media, if you can get a hold of the New York Times the print media, the movie industry and Hollywood, you’re going to control the future because you’ll have presidents that are basically the puppets of popular culture coming out and echoing what they’re taught to be by popular culture. Popular culture which is clearly more powerful than the church or government in shaping culture.

The problem is once it gets to government if it’s lined up with those other big mind molders it could take the nation down. America was going over a cliff on November 8th when God intervened in the unlikely form of the 45th president being a populist. Somebody who went outside of the media. Took on the media, as a matter of fact. Took on Goliath and beat it.

And the reason why that happened I’m convinced is because there are 25 to 30 million Christians in America who prayed and who showed up and who actually in showing up 84 percent of evangelical vote was necessary in order to create the swing states the Wisconsins, the Michigans the Pennsylvania turnout that literally by like .0 0 8 percent of the turnout of the total vote turned the election. It was a remnant victory.

I believe it was a victory for Christians. But you wouldn’t know that because Christians have no organization apart from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council. Listen to Dave Barton on or watching you know, CBN’s Pat Robertson.

We actually have very little cohesion whatsoever. And most of us break from the huddle on national disasters and near disasters and go back to our ministries, our entrepreneurial vision, and our churches which is why the Underground exists.

The Underground exist because we are the beginning of a grassroots movement mobilizing the voice of believers to really become the rallying cry for that 20 to 30 million that voted for a change because we think America is bigger than politics. It’s about a spiritual warfare over the future of this country. And we’ve got to mobilize because Donald Trump I don’t think knows we exist. I know he knows we’re out there but he knows that we basically are fearful.

I mean he said as much to us. He said the number one thing that I see when I meet with pastors is fear. That was what he was getting on the campaign trail, not hope, not victory, not love, not passion, not patriotism, not mobilization, but anxiety.

So where is that Johnson Amendment and all of the activity that Donald Trump promised he was going to deal with. I will tell ya, Johnson then it is dead in his desk because Christians don’t care about it.

Well, not that you and I don’t care about it. But it’s like most ministers don’t want to have the restriction in the gag order taken off of them because then they have to have opinions on politics. And if they had opinions they might actually offend people. If they offend people it reduces their market share and eliminates the number. Nicholson knows who that show up from week to week in the sanctuary.

And understand something. I was at church growth consultant. I was a pastor for 20 years. Pastors rationalized not being political as being the will of God because that just alienates sinners. And after all, we’re not more on the business of alienating sinner or in the business of being relevant and winning them to Jesus.

The problem is once you win them to Jesus, do you mobilize them, do you engage them do you train them? No. Pastors don’t do that because their philosophy is to avoid politics entirely.

So here’s what I want you to know. This Underground exists– just to remind you why we exist we exist because the $7.77 a month which is based on the 5777 is the 7 is the year– in the Hebrew, it’s the year of swords. It’s the Year of the clashing of swords.

Isn’t it interesting that we who all along said the seven mountains is where the battles have found that the world even agrees with this. Conservatives agree with this. The people with Breitbart agree with this because their whole premise is that Big Academia, Big Entertainment, and who they call Big Hollywood, Big Business, Big Government are all in bed together. Because they are locked together by a political worldview and it’s a progressive worldview.

What happened to the other half the United States? We have a voice but we just haven’t found it. I would wager to say that there are a lot of women out there I’m sure. I mean there has to be conservative women that are in a make up a large part of the United States.

But I don’t think you have any representation. I don’t see you on the View. I don’t see you in any of the LGBT, or pro, race issues that are going up there. I don’t really see conservative women as a people group represented. It’s almost as though you don’t exist because in terms of the media market you don’t.

However, the reality is that 89 percent of the ABC, CBS, and NBC News is biased against Trump and against conservatives and against Christianity. And that’s because we have to accept this that the Democratic Party and media are the same thing.

Media is the arm of the Democratic Party. And the Democratic Party is now taken over by its most radical faction of socialist progressives. So where does that leave you and me. Well, it doesn’t leave me with a lot of comfort because even now– here’s an interesting data. And you won’t hear this on the news. That’s why I got to give it to you the Underground.

A lot of people forget that in 2010 and 2012 there was a tremendous loss to the Democratic Party experienced in the state levels. Now what that means is this. Give me my synopsis here. They’re down 1200 seats since 2008. 1200 congressional, gubernatorial, and mayoral elections lost. 1200 seats since 2008.

They lost Congress. They lost the Senate. They lost the House. They lost the White House. And there’s only five states actually that are are controlled by liberals. And those are the five states where the governorship and the control of the state legislature is in their own hands.

Now what’s fascinating to me is the location of the spiritual warfare map. It’s basically coastal. You’ll see New York, Boston, Washington, San Francisco, L.A., Miami, with the exception of Chicago which is in the interior – the major cities that concentrate the influence of the progressive narrative are on the East Coast and West Coast.

The three power cities in America that the church has got a rise up in through micro churches, small, dense, powerful overlapping networks of pinnacle people. People that can go to the top of their game and influence their environment.

We have to raise up them in L.A. because Hollywood is the center of global communication. That’s shaping the narrative. New York is the money center. That’s the power center for finance and Washington is the power center for power. It’s where networks are formed that create the legislative agreements and alignments that actually reflect themselves in the globalization that has become popular in Washington. And this is the reason why we need to focus on these cities. We want a small group now but we’ll keep the word going because we’ve got to see God raise up the new artist documentary filmmakers, the new producers, the new owners of studios.

We need the new the new music artists and we need the edgy power of new journalists, new media, new mediums of media. It’s amazing how half the country is served by three or four outlets. Fox Drudge and then the radio talk radio world. Which is the one to say Fox –it’s not even all of Fox . It’s like Hannity or something like that.

It’s amazing how few resources there are to serve the 60 million people that voted for Trump in this election compared to what you have on the other side. But in terms of the Washington situation what is powerful to me is that you will not know that the Democrats have taken that big a hit. Because the media doesn’t look like the Democrats have taken that hit and that they’ve lost that credibility constantly.

And have seen it eroding in election after election cycle. Even if you look at the Georgia event that is being celebrated now. Lke this week, we just had a Georgia runoff for this special election. And am I reading this thing right? I think if I got it right there was like 15 or 18 Republicans that all ran. And of course, typical, they divided up the vote among them.

And so the one Democrat that ran against him looked like he was getting close to over 50 percent but he went under 50 percent and so there’s going to be a runoff and he’ll lose because those 18 competing votes will be down. Just one woman who’s going to be running against him so that district in Georgia that used to be Newt Gingrich’s is still going to stay Republican.

But you wouldn’t know that. You would think that this is kind of like the rallying cry. This is like Washington crossing the Delaware for the Democrats. This is the moment when the proof is that Trump is vulnerable.

And here’s the part we’ve got to watch. And since you are in Underground you can pray. You have authority to speak and pray over these things. The greatest danger to Donald Trump is that the people that are the grassroots and I’d say the Christian grassroots that don’t have mobilization- yet- but we will. That group if he ever gets divided from them he’s got a problem. He’s going to have a problem that the moment that is base disconnects from him. ‘

And what I don’t think we understand is I have no problem what he’s had to do in Syria, what he’s got to do in North Korea. This is stuff that President Obama should have done because let’s assume that Russia and North Korea are really not good brokers and not honest good players. Let’s say that they’re evil. That there are principalities and powers controlling the power structure over what they think.

So they’re under the control of a very selfish destructive agenda. The only way that that you’ll ever take a Putin with that mentality or a Kim Jong Il in North Korea and hold them back is if you demonstrate power because that’s all they respect. They don’t respect your goodwill, your lectures, or your invitation to join the global democracy.

What they understand is power. So what Trump has done is he’s flexed them one muscle speaking the one tongue they can interpret. That’s called power. And in a sense it’s creating a reset globally in terms of America. America is back as the dominant shaper of rogue behavior. We’re the dominant factor that can cause rogue nations and rogue actors to think twice about what they want to do. That’s a gift in terms of bringing law and order if you will say into the lawless parts of the earth.

But what I’m concerned about is that the Washington establishment even though they’ve won these elections they don’t recognize, they don’t respect the grassroots. I don’t really believe they do. I think that they think that we’re a bunch of nuts out there and that we have to be managed from a distance and don’t know what’s in our own best interest.

In this sense. Democrats in Washington and Republican establishment personalities are all simpatica. They all get along. They’re all part of the same insider club. Their main mission is to not lose power. So for that reason Trump coming in as an outsider is a total disruption to the Republican establishment. The Republican establishment doesn’t like him.

The media wants to destroy him but the Republican conservatives in Washington, the establishment guys don’t want him to win either. That’s why the grassroots has to stay strong. That’s why we can’t let the devil drive a wedge between us and this president.

We have to recognize that it’s the scholars, the think tanks, the thinkers, and the nonprofits and I could tell you other names that are in Washington but I want to alienate invitations to any of them. To a great degree, they represent not the real power of transforming and reforming America. They represent the go it slow kind of Mitch McConnell. And the irritating thing Mitch McConnell said last week.

“Well, Donald Trump’s learning how to be president.”

Meaning he’s slowing down and he’s accepting the fact that things don’t work the way he thought they work in Washington.

“We’re going to break him in, folks. We’re going to teach him how we do things here in Washington.”

The truth of the matter is that they’re stalling and delaying the implementation of his most important ideas. They don’t want a wall. They don’t want comprehensive tax reform. They don’t want immigration reform. They really don’t like populists. And then it’s like nationalism. And understanding nationalism—it keeps getting a bad rap. You know why? Because the global-one-worlders don’t like nations standing out on their own because you can’t control a nation if it has an identity. But if you had no identity and “We are the world. We’re all one happy glee club.” Then you can basically have a Babylonian system where your borders are all open and everybody is all visiting everybody else’s country.

Once a nation loses its boundaries in its culture or its geography it ceases to be a nation. It now becomes a Babylon, a chaos, a Balkanized nation state with regions and factions that are all competing with each other to take control of the public treasury and the public press. I am telling you something there’s something that Donald Trump is doing that we should have seen. And I feel almost delinquent because it’s what I was—It’s essentially what the prophet says in Isaiah 45.

By the way, Trump just got a number 45 jersey from the Patriots. Isn’t that hilarious? I mean all of us that were prophesied during the Super Bowl that there’s a symbolism going on and the Patriots actually represent that there’s going to be a patriotic surge in America. Well, the patriotic surge in America gave the 45th president a number 45 a jersey for Donald Trump because he is the 45th president.

And Isaiah 45 says-You heard me say it before. Think about it again. “Thus says the Lord to His anointed as Cyrus his right hand, ‘I’m holding to subdue Nations before him.’”

In the very introduction it’s nations. Even though Trump says, “I don’t want to get involved with other countries I don’t get involved. It’s America first, let’s make America great. It’s America first, make America great.”

What’s the first thing that God did when when the atrocity of sarin gas was was burning up the flesh of adolescent children and kids are asphyxiating and coughing up white foam and blood? Trump never saw this. The CIA has seen it. Other presidents have seen it. Washington Warhawks have seen it. Trump as a businessman never saw this stuff. And as a president he gets the pictures, gets the briefing. He is revolted. And what does he do? He emotionally makes a decision. To send a message to Syria, to Assad and to Russia if necessary.

Why is that critical? Because the Bible says that the heart of the King is in the hands of the Lord. He turns it wherever he wants it to go. I believe that Trump’s heart was turned. So as to make a statement. Now what happened the moment that he released 59 of those missiles? In that moment, he dropped 59 missiles on the media narrative about him and Russia being in bed together with a secret agreement. Have you heard anything since then? And that 89 percent of the media obsession about negative stories about Donald Trump and his connection with Putin and these secret negotiations that got him elected and all that narrative which was just basically lies to create a basis to challenge Trump’s credibility as a president.

Listen to me. You have to catch this. When Trump responded to the heart of the Lord to make that statement in bomb in the airfield with Assad. He bombed the narrative about him and Russia being in bed together. And it wasn’t his intention. That’s the beauty of being anointed. You get payoffs you didn’t even think you were going to get. But his right hand has been held in to subdue nations. I believe North Korea will be subdued.

I think the fact that the president of China was with Donald Trump at the moment that he had to – that this bombing wasn’t orchestrated. It happened at the time it coincided with the president of China being there. God orchestrated that.

So the president of China got an an up close look at the president, his emotions, his thought process, his sincerity, his genuineness, and his revulsion of this and the Chinese premier is going, “Yes, I agree. I understand.” And they form a connection right then and there.

And the critics could say this about Trump and they’d be totally legitimate. That he said that he found out when the president of communist China that Korea the situation with Korea is more complicated than he thought. One could ask as they did in the vox salon interviews and journalism. Why didn’t the president get briefed by anyone in the Washington establishment or in his own cabinet about the complexity in this situation? Why didn’t he know it was complicated?

Well, because the the simple answer is Trump’s anointed for the assignment and his sense of outcomes is absolutely crystal clear and in alignment, I think, that what the Lord wants him to do. What he’s discovering is the way to make the outcome happen. Is it as simple as he thought? His outcome is to make sure that North Korea cannot nuke the United States. But what he found was China doesn’t have the direct leverage that he thought they had. But they have a lot of leverage because they’re 39 percent of the trading partnership in North Korea but not 100 percent.

So they could start to reel in North Korea simply by sending the coal trains back, by cutting off the oil flow, by rerouting the flights from Beijing to their capitol, which they’re doing. Now here’s the important thing. The base of Donald Trump can’t get stupid. We can’t say at this moment in history, “Well why doesn’t he say there are a currency manipulator and why don’t you build that wall?” Because Trump is playing a smart game. Right now. He’s trying to get China to work with him to deal with North Korea and establish a relationship with China that has high trust high trade so that we can get the deal we need and they can get what they need. But we will neutralize the hostility of China and the U.S. if the relationship between the president of China and the present United States as God has started it stays healthy.

And lo and behold. I was worried that China was going to be the victim of Trump’s insensitivity and that Russia was going to be treated favorably. The exact opposite happened. Russia is in Time Out. Globally. And China is being given an opportunity. I think that the leadership in China is. And they listen. They got they got 10 percent of China, 50 percent of China’s Christians interceding for their country.

Christians are making a difference in history people. You don’t hear this in the news. You’re making a difference. Your prayers make a difference. I want to conclude this Underground broadcast saying that the Democrats are celebrating Georgia as a win. Georgia’s a loss for them. They’re desperate to find a win. They’re desperate. But they’ve got such power with media, such power with Hollywood, such power with college campuses.

And I’m so worried. I’ll tell you the truth about millennials. Because it’s 80 million of these young people that have been raised without a strong Christian voice in their life giving them free enterprise and capitalism versus socialism in common. They haven’t been taught how to defend their beliefs. They know in a hazy way what’s right and wrong and they can’t defend. What about a transgender bath? And why shouldn’t .0 0 3 percent of the population have the right to their own bathroom?

So there’s no arguments being given to them to to shape the intuition of their own heart regarding what they know the Bible says. They can’t defend it. Because we’re too lazy or we’re too asleep at the switch to get even our Christian millennials what they need to survive the onslaught of what’s up against them. 80 million of them are going to go out to the voting booth and they will mess this America up because they were mentored by environmentalists cartoon makers, Obama’s presidency, and their local academia, and social media. My friends, we haven’t done our job in shaping the minds of people let alone our own next generation of children.

But we’re going to make up for it. I’ve got some things cooking right now. We have a new website coming out. I am going to give you guys the previews to it. We haven’t launched it yet but it’s all about this Underground. And it’s going to be about new cycles coming, and prayer pointers coming and exactly how to pray, what to pray, what’s happening right now.

And we’ve got a millennial program. Well, it’s a NexGen program coming. We’re we’re fighting through how to do it. And we’re going to help the next generation to have the arguments, the clarity, the conviction, and the community to stand together as one against the onslaught.

But right now I want to pray for the president of the United States. Those that are that are in authority. Pray for all rulers and those that are in authority not just for politicians. And we should be praying for the people that are in charge of media and entertainment. We would probably see a lot a lot more changes happen there. If we mobilized our influence.

But I’m praying Father in Jesus name that you who compact the body and fitly join it together so that every joint supplies according to the effectual working in the measure of every part. I pray that you will make increase of the body. In our country and in the nations that are part of this broadcast that we will be built up in the power of your spirit and in love that we will come into a deliverance from walking as the Gentiles walk, in the vanity and futility and fantasy of the bubble in our in their minds.

I pray that you would deliver us from being in darkness so that we can come into light that we can come out from ignorance into the heart into a place of the illumination of the heart. I’m asking you, Father, to renew us in the spirit of our mind and to raise up a prayer shield over the president of the United States and I ask you right now that you will block every voice coming into his light that is carrying with it the strychnine of compromise, in any area that you put into the heart of this President.

I pray that the heart of the King is in the hand of the Lord that you will preserve a nucleus around this president. Keep him in the bubble, Lord God, of your thoughts, your heart, your feelings. Let the Spirit of God make an invasion in the Trump household.

That there would be people and individuals surrounding him that are filled with God and that he can see and sense the spirit of God and draw his heart out to you. Give them advisers, Lord, who will keep them in the tension of the the dialogue with you, the thoughts of his heart, and the feelings in his heart being wired to heaven. Wisdom from above. Patience. Protection. In Jesus name. Wisdom, peace, and protection over this man surround him with the right counsel.

All right, I’ll be talking to you soon, let’s keep in touch.

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