The Lance Wallnau Show: Trump’s Top Ten

From Tax Cuts to ISIS … What has Trump done for you this past year? I’m sharing everything you need to know.

Lance talks about the government shut down, the FISA Memo (aka the Nunes Memo). Includes a surprising interview conducted by CNN of cross-over democrats who give their consensus after one year of our President’s performance in office.

President Trump’s Top Ten:

  1. Tax cut bill
  2. Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court
  3. Roll-back of regulations
  4. The travel ban
  5. Declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel
  6. Withdrawal from Paris climate deal
  7. Pulling out of the TPP – Trans-Pacific Partnership
  8. Roll-back of some of Obama’s Cuba policies
  9. Moving to repeal Obama’s net neutrality rules
  10. Fighting — and further degrading – ISIS

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