Lance Under Attack Again

I was attacked by liberal media for saying in this broadcast that the national protest of students, especially those of ages 10-14 yrs old was a shockingly aggressive and outrageous political mobilization from the Democratic Party. I likened the phenomena of agitating and mobilizing youth to the rise of National Socialist “brown shirts” in Germany. The liberal media went nuts when I said this and my “Google alerts” started buzzing.

So for the record,let me correct myself and apologize for an error in my language. I didn’t mean that the left were trying to turn our sons and daughters into “brown shirts.” I meant to say they are trying to turn out sons and daughters into their “Hitler Youth.” I hope this correction brings greater calm.

Check it out on facebook if you haven’t seen it already, and be sure to fast-forward till you hear a segment that grabs you. I get into hot water toward the end.

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