Lance Live! Intercession: Five “Nuclear” Prayers David Prayed

The Intel community threatens to take their battle against the President to the next level, describing it as “nuclear.” The situation is similar to David’s challenges with the administration hold-overs from King Saul.

The Lord was David’s defense, and we declare the Lord is Trump’s defense.

Let’s join together with unity and agreement. In this video, we stand together in agreement to apply the prayers David made when he was persecuted by his enemies. Our intercession includes: Psalm 21:8-13, Psalm 64:7, Psalm 55:9, Psalm 57:6, Psalm 59:16-17, and Psalm 70:1-5.

God granted America a window of Grace—and it will not be lost. We ask that the Lord God go “nuclear” for His anointed and against today’s derisive spiritual powers.

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