Ladies (And Fashionable Men) I Need Your Opinion

Well my friends, I’m off on to the great unknown today. But I need your opinion. Ladies, and fashionable men. I had a gift given to me when I was in Bangkok doing my mission work. A woman’s son heard me speak and he’s a designer of sunglasses. He gave me three that he had chosen for me and I chose a pair. Now, certain people who I will not mention, said to me, “they are women’s sunglasses”.
Take a look, do YOU think these are mens, or womens sunglasses?

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4 Comments on "Ladies (And Fashionable Men) I Need Your Opinion"

  1. Lora

    You need to hire away the hairdresser from Morningside because you looked great for The Jim Bakker Show. The hair was under control!

  2. Jolene Reith

    They could be either but you look good in them! And BTW even though I can’t afford to buy you a jet please know you are cherished; your annointing, prophetic and teaching gifts are outstanding. Not to mention your amazing sense of humor. You are one of the greats and your heavenly reward will be awesome!

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