Kingdom Government and True Justice in the US

Rick Joyner shares crucial insights on how to have true justice and how kingdom government works. He also covers: Congress versus the Judicial Branch, and how to have both good Government and true justice.


We really need to get this: the Supreme Court does not have the authority to interpret any law as being constitutional or unconstitutional unless this is asked of them by Congress. It was asked of them early in our history on an issue Congress considered itself too busy to research and address at the time, and the Supreme Court has assumed this authority since. That this was allowed has proven catastrophic by leading to increasing judicial tyranny. It has also led to the increasing and unnecessarily vicious conflicts among the people over issues that were designated as authority reserved to the states and the people, and for a good reason. No small body of unelected judges or justices were to be allowed to impose their will, or their interpretation of major issues, on the whole country.

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Source: Kingdom Government and True Justice in the US | The Elijah List

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