Is It Just Me? | February 12, 2018

Exactly where do we draw the line? Anywhere? I’m having another “moment.”

Things liberal revival preachers say, “I don’t think that Christians should be getting involved with politics. I think we should just stay out of politics and just preach Jesus.”
If we go back in history, would it be appropriate or not appropriate during the civil war to have been neutral over slavery? Or would we be embarrassed given today’s political correctness, to say, “I may not personally approve of slavery but I don’t want to get involved with the subject, I think we should focus on Jesus.”

Three kinds of people in the world according to Dr. Henry Cloud:

  • The wise
  • The foolish – talented, gifted, charismatic – they refuse to listen to feedback, refuse to accept correction
  • The evil – bent toward destruction, have seared consciences, beyond conviction or correction

We can’t have a disposition that’s always being loving, and being kind, being gracious and believing the best. Why? Because that philosophy will let a pedophile into a nursery at church!


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