Judge Jon Tigar Clears The Way For Illegal Invaders To Enter The USA

An Obama appointed judge, Judge Jon Tigar has placed a restraining order on President Trump’s ‘illegal’ asylum ban. The administration is now pushing back on the Californian judge, as the asylum restrictions were only put in place to deal with the so-called “migrant caravan” (in reality, illegal invaders) heading to the US Mexico border.

The DOJ and DHS put out a joint statement slamming the decision.

“It is absurd that a set of advocacy groups can be found to have standing to sue to stop the entire federal government from acting so that illegal aliens can receive a government benefit to which they are not entitled.”

In response to lawsuits by the ACLU and several immigrant advocacy groups, the judge placed a restraining order (see below) on the policy that would automatically deny asylum to economic migrants who entered the US illegally.



In his order the judge wrote that the president “may not rewrite the immigration laws to impose a condition that Congress has expressly forbidden,” he them on to add that forcing migrants to enter the country legally via an official port of entry “irreconcilably conflicts” with existing legislation.

In response to the illegal invaders slowly making their way towards the border, President Trump has ordered the deployment of nearly 5000 troops and shored up US asylum policies – something that both the DOJ and DHS argue he has every right to do.

“We look forward to continuing to defend the executive Branch’s legitimate and well reasoned exercise of its authority to address the crisis at our southern border,” both departments said on Tuesday.

DHS spokeswoman Katie Waldman said “our asylum system is broken, and it is being abused by tens of thousands of meritless claims every year,” she then added that asylum was a “discretionary benefit” given by the executive branch only when legal conditions are met.

The injunction will be appealed at the 9th Circuit Court but will expire on December 19.

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