Joe Joe Dawson: “Warning Dream: Don’t Get Hooked by the Enemy!”

Hooks are used for several things and reminds me of something I’ve heard Lance say, “what gets your attention gets you”. Hooks can take on several forms such as what’s alluring to us visually (think fish and “lures”) but also can be something we hear as well. Joe Joe’s word is a good reminder to be aware of what gets our attention.

Here’s an excerpt:

As the dream progressed, and I kept walking, I noticed that there were lots of string dangling from above. The strings looked like fishing line and there were fishing hooks on the ends. All of the sudden there were signs on the sides of the building along the road. They were just ordinary signs. As I continued walking along. I noticed many people being taken away by the hooks that were in their pathway. But I kept walking. The further along the road I went the signs on the building became neon signs. As I continued on, the signs kept getting brighter and brighter. The hooks were different as well. The hooks became bigger and shinier.

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