It’s ‘Due Time’ – for Justice and Life | Jodie Hughes

Jodie Hughes shared a powerful, prophetic dream related to the fight to abolish abortion. Her dream is vivid and inspiring, and she shares the importance of not giving up but to press in even stronger.



As I watched in my dream, I saw entire families, men, women and children marching around a court. Each person was worshiping, praying and decreeing life as they walked together. I could hear a multitude of children crying very clearly and loudly; their cries were continual and intense, demanding urgent attention. It was hard to listen to as it was heart-piercing.

In the dream, I was aware that the crying I heard was prophetic symbolism. It mirrored the escalating cry for justice from the multitudes of children, now in Heaven, who had been aborted. It was deeply moving. I understood even in my dream that those aborted were currently in Heaven, experiencing no pain and feeling no bitterness. They were completely loved and completely at peace. It is important to note: there was no malice, bitterness or shame in this dream. God’s grace was tangible.

However, there was a cry for justice in my dream that I heard in the form of crying children. The cry was intensifying. I was aware in my dream of the great cloud of witnesses, and their voices urged us to keep going.

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Source: It’s ‘Due Time’ – for Justice and Life | Jodie Hughes

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