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Mario Murillo shares his thoughts on the smiling, #MAGA hat wearing, Covington students, threatened by the media recently. He challenges the ideology behind the threats, exposing the actions of leftists, including Hollywood film producer, Jack Morrissey.


The terrifying part—the part that fuels this blog—is that after proof the young man’s innocence, they still want to harm him.  They will not take back their vile and vicious threats or even acknowledged that they got it wrong. A writer for Saturday Night Live is currently offering to perform a sex act on anyone who punches the 15-year-old in the face.

The message to you is that wearing a MAGA hat automatically makes you a racist worthy of being assaulted.

How vile—how despicable—how debauched, must they become before America right or left rises up and says we will not tolerate this kind of anarchy, hate and vulgarity? When wearing a hat is an automatic license to be attacked and called racist becomes normal no one will be safe.

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