It’s Time to Reawaken Wonder

From Lyn Packer comes a word regarding “wonder.” She shares how to reestablish and cultivate it, as well as the reasons for its importance, and to replace familiarity it.


What makes wonder important? Wonder operates on three levels in our lives – the sensory, the cognitive and the spiritual.

• Wonder is sensory – in moments of wonder our senses are heightened and engaged, often causing a momentary intake of breath and widened eyes as we take in the wonder we’re presented with. It causes a release of feel-good chemicals and hormones into our body and brain.

• Wonder is cognitive – it causes us to wonder, to be curious, to think about things that are beyond our current understanding.

• Wonder is spiritual – wonder is an encounter with something that touches us on a spiritual level. It goes beyond the mere physical senses and emotions, beyond cognitive reasoning. It goes to our spirit and heart being engaged in a way that causes us to experience reverence and awe, both for the creation and the Creator (both man and God). Wonder was given us to point us to the ultimate Creator and His part in our lives and our world.

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Source: It’s Time to Reawaken Wonder | The Elijah List

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