It’s Time To Get Involved – Will You Answer The Call?

Today I’m with Mercedes and Larry Sparks on our way back from the Global Summit, and Larry was in a meeting where Cindy Jacobs was speaking. Cindy’s message was a very empowering word for the community. She has felt perplexed, agonizing over the state of the nation.

The Lord said, there are 7000 who have not bowed their knee to Baal in the nation of America. God was calling her to mobilize the remnant. There are those in our nation who have not bowed their knee, they have not compromised, and the reality is this, we must mobilize them.

The Lord said something to me I had forgotten. What He said is that the mistake my generation is making is an unbiblical separation of spheres, as though salt doesn’t mingle with corruption, as though you don’t rule in the midst of your enemies.

So we, the church, will have to get involved differently.

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